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Exceptional MDF stile and rail doors.

Made 100% in the USA, not imported. So no waiting, no size or design limitations, and superior quality control. STILEChoice® Doors are MDF stile and rail construction. STILEChoice® MDF is a 95% (or more) recycled material that delivers superior design advantages and finishing properties. Its a less complicated, more versatile product, easily adapted to any design.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) does not contain knots or rings, making it more uniform than natural woods for manufacturing and finishing

Tested Quality - 519,569 Slams

To many, it might be "just a door", however, at IHS Door Company we hold unparalleled quality as standard.  But don't take our word for it, just ask NRRI an independent testing lab where we recently submitted a 3'0" by 8'O" door to their slam testing.  The test was stopped at 519,569 slams, not because of failure, but the test required only 500,000 slams.  See below for excerpts from the report prepared by NRRI and download the pdf version to read and see all the details.


To evaluate the performance of a 3-0, 8-0 door constructed by IHS Door Company during the NWDA TM-7 Cycle Slam Test.


One 3 ft- 0 in. wide, 8 ft- 0 in. tall, 1.75 in. thick door was constructed by IHS Door Company from medium density fiberboard. This door was painted white by IHS staff prior to delivery to the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI). At the completion of testing, the door was returned to IHS Door Company.


Inspection of the door showed the following:

  • The door shows no visually apparent damage after 500,000 (+) cycles.
  • The door shows no wear that would inhibit functionality.
  • Screws in one hinge would loosen slightly and needed to be tightened.
  • Some paint cracks were noted during testing at the joint of the insert panel to the stile and rail, but they appear to be unrelated to the cycle slam testing.
Independent slam test frame.

Test Videos

Edge Test

Slam Test