STILEChoice® Advantage

These are doors built to perform.

STILEChoice® Profile Advantage

We use a square sticking profile that isn’t quite 90°. This simple design enhancement offers substantial performance advantages. Though not obvious to the casual eye, you’ll be amazed at how this profile eases finishing and cleaning, yet achieves a classic look.

STILEChoice® Edge Advantage

The MDF hinge edge is inserted at 90°. This provides a sturdy mounting plane for hardware, an edge that won’t split like wood. Talk is cheap, so in an independent slam test, our doors performed over 519,000 slams (which exceeds the commercial Heavy Duty standard) before we stopped the test.

For IHS Door Company that wasn't quite enough, we took it further by performing several more of our own tests. One test simulated on the job removal of hinge screws, by hanging the test door, removing the hinge screws 2 times, and reinstalling them before starting the slam test. After 100,000 slams we removed and reinstalled the screws, and successfully completed an additional 25,000 slams before electing to stop.